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The Lincoln LS was a mid-size luxury sedan produced by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company. It was made on the Ford DEW98 platform, along with the Jaguar S-Type and the Ford Thunderbird.

The LS was available with a choice of V6 or V8 engines, which offer power and acceleration in a sleek and contemporary design. It was discontinued in 2006 and eventually succeeded by the Lincoln Zephyr, which was later marketed as the MKZ.

Performance and Mod Upgrades for the Lincoln LS

The LS still has a devoted following among gearheads, even though it is no longer in production. Here are some recommended mods and upgrades, ranging from exterior enhancements to performance and functional improvements:

  1. Exterior Accessories

    Exhaust Tips: Upgrading the exhaust tips can enhance the vehicle's visual appeal. Consider polished stainless steel or chrome tips for a premium finish.

    Grilles: A front grille is a popular mod for this vehicle. There are various styles to choose from, including chrome, mesh, and others.

  2. Performance Enhancements

    Cold Air Intake: Installing a cold air intake system helps improve engine airflow, which boosts torque and horsepower. It can also enhance engine sound.

    Suspension Upgrades: Lowering springs or performance suspension kits can improve handling and give your car a more aggressive stance.

  3. Functional Accessories

    Roof Racks: Roof racks add more storage to your vehicle, allowing you to carry cargo boxes, sporting equipment, bicycles, and other large items.

    Car Covers: High-quality car covers protect your vehicle from the elements such as rain, UV rays, snow, mud, and debris.

  4. Lighting Upgrades

    Headlight and Taillight Upgrades: Getting modern LED or HID headlights and taillights allows you to see better in the dark and in inclement weather.

    LED Interior Lighting: LED lights can improve cabin ambiance and give it a more modern feel.

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